Review Your Name. (2016)

Review Your Name. (2016). Film ini dibuat berdasarkan novel karya makoto shinkai berjudul sama yang. Select the text or object (or click the area of the slide) where you want the comment to appear.

Your Name film review 2016's best animated movie
Your Name film review 2016's best animated movie from

That said, the disjointed feel isn’t enough to make this film anything less than a lovely story to watch and experience. This movie felt long, but not too long. Your name. is just a bad taste anime to entertain the audience, and show how makoto lost his own vision and style to made a popular popcorn movie (like michael bay did).

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It Was Clever, Emotional, And Left Me Crying After The Movie.

Learn how to change your user name for track changes in microsoft word. A fact that will come up in nearly every review of the film your name as it opens in theaters across north america this weekend is. Music was beautiful as well as voice acting and animation.

Shinkai Makoto Is Well Known For His Captivating Animation And Themes Of Young Love, Both Are Present In The 2016 Film Kimi No Na Wa Or Your Name.

A journey into what will surely be the future of cinematography, as well as a journey on a grand emotional roller coaster. This movie makes me feel the way the weather does sometimes, when it’s just stopped raining, or just about to start again, and half the sky is swallowed in gray, and the other half is cut with blue and glistening in wet light. The film was released three years after makoto’s last movie so it was one of the most anticipated movies of that year and according to critics, it did not disappoint.

I Wish I Could Tell You How Much I Love This, Or Why I Love It, But It’s Something Smaller And More Delicate Than Words.

It follows two teenagers who have never met. Perancangan tokoh film ini dikerjakan oleh masayoshi tanaka, dan penciptaan musik dibuat oleh band rock asal jepang radwimps. | kimi no na wa.

Your Name. Is Just A Bad Taste Anime To Entertain The Audience, And Show How Makoto Lost His Own Vision And Style To Made A Popular Popcorn Movie (Like Michael Bay Did).

Your name (2016) *emotional* movie reaction and review! “your name” is a body switching story, but it’s also about tradition and impermanence, disasters and destinies. Film ini dibuat berdasarkan novel karya makoto shinkai berjudul sama yang.

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Is filled with gorgeous animation. The twist was done really well, and i almost wanted to pause the movie. Kimi no na wa.) is a 2016 japanese animated romantic fantasy film produced by comix wave films and released by depicts a high school boy in tokyo and a high school girl in the japanese countryside who suddenly and inexplicably begin to swap bodies.