Being a woman in this modern era can be easier than many years ago. Why not? If we turn back the time, can you imagine what kind of situation you should face as a woman? Women used to spend their time in the house only. They could not have the opportunity to get the right even as a human being. It probably sounds so scary, but that is the fact. If we are talking about women in a very long time ago, we will never find educated women who can take decision about what they want to do or not. They had no power to do something grateful. Women only had to do the housework and take care about their baby and husband. They even had no authority towards their body. These all cases are the starting point which triggers the world’s feminist movement.

Definition of Feminism

Feminism originates from the Latin word femina that describes several issues about women. Feminism is concerned with females not just as a biological category, but also female gender as a social category. Feminism is a concept which against the common thinking that regarding women have a lower place than men (Ranjan,2019). In a common situation, let say in politic, mostly men get a higher position than women. For example, when there is a situation which requires us to vote between a man or a woman to get the highest position in a team, it can be predicted that men will win the election.

In addition, many experts have told their point of view about the term “Feminism” it self by using their own study.  One of them, Kimberle Williams Crenshaw said the most important point of feminism is women should not have to be a man to be treated with equal respect.  For some case, they relate feminism to political movement in USA and Europe. However, they commonly thought that feminism arise because of the worst situation which must be accepted by women since a long time ago. Besides, another cause is because of the inequality level of men and women where men have a biggest opportunity in several aspects in life than women (Ghofarti and Medini, 2015). In addition, the term “Feminism” represents a very long struggle against the unfair situation to get a better position in society which mostly is controlled by men for a very long period.

Therefore, what feminism wants to tell the world is that they also have the same opportunity as a human being. They do not want the world know them only as a daughter, a mother, or as a wife who only get the chance to have activities in home. They also want the world know that they can do the same as well as men.

The types of feminism

According to (Ghorfati and Medini, 2014-2015) there are three types of feminism which helps us understanding and identified the case about it.

  1. Liberal Feminism

Liberal feminism emphasized individual freedom for women. At the beginning, it focuses on the women’s freedom in politic, social and economic aspects. There are two types of liberal feminism. First, Classical Liberal Feminism which emphasized the ownership right for women. Second, Egalitarian Liberal Feminism which help women to get the equality to access the resources.

  1. Radical Feminism

It focuses on women’s personal choices about their bodies and sexuality, whether they are heterosexual, lesbian, or transgender. Feminism believes that feminine gender identity limits women grow up as whole human beings. It also considers the main enemy of women to is patriarchy.

  1. Marxis-socialist Feminism

It appeared to end capitalism through socialist economics reformation. This kind of feminism regards gender inequality as a reason for capitalists to get the highest profit from female workers. It is because they are not able to pay them with reasonable wages.

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Pros and Cons


1. It may strengthen human rights

Human rights have to ensure that men and women are treated as equal as possible.  It is to make sure that all human being have the same opportunity in life.

Feminist movement intends to reach those aims. It is very important for some countries which still deal with the understanding that men more than women in every aspect of life. It can be used to help women have bigger chance in the whole aspects of life.

2. Less sexism

Women should face the inequality in their daily life. They often find injustice situation where they should be there above men. They cannot take a role in certain professions which makes them get obstacles in their job. Feminist movement is expected can help women get justice in this kind of case.

3. Better access to education

In many countries, especially in poor countries, almost all of women cannot have the chance to get a good education. Many families do not have good enough financial situation to send their children to school. Even though they have the chance to get better education, women will not be the priority, because the government will give bigger chance to men. Therefore, again and again, women will get the bad impact of it.

Of course, it seems like something we cannot accept as a modern woman. In order to help women to get a better life in the future, the world need feminism to make it becomes true. It is important to make all people around the word have the awareness that women also need and have the right to get a good education like men.

4. Freedom to vote in political events

Believe or not, some countries still not allow women to take the turn to vote. As we know that voting is so crucial to get the best result in political events. All people in a country have the same opportunity to vote and choose what do they think will bring the good movement to their country.

5. Higher quality of life for women

To sum up all of the previous pros, we can agree that the purpose of feminism is to get the equality between men and women in many aspects of life. It should be realized because of some people still have the opinion that make women stay in a very bad situation. Women still get the discrimination in so many situations in their daily life. Therefore, feminist movement helps us to raise those goals. Feminist movement expects that women can have a better life quality in the future.


1. Men do not agree with feminism

Many men think that feminism is not important. Some of them think that men and women have their own right as a human. Biologically, a man and a woman born along with their own characteristics. Many men in this world not really care about feminism because they never have a will to do something bad to women. So, feminism actually have underestimated men even when they never think to do something wrong to women.

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2. Women may not be accepted in certain positions.

In certain position, it may be ok if women lead the team after they won a voting. Yet, on the other situations, where women won an election and they have to lead a number of men, it sometime will take women in hard situation. The cycle may look down on that woman even though she is their leader. This situation commonly occurs in many kinds of situations which makes women have to let that position go. Therefore, women should give their extra effort in order to make that situation under control.

3. Men and women are born with different characteristics

After a very long debates, this is undeniable that women and men have their own characteristics which make them absolutely different. There are so many things that women cannot do because of their biological condition. According to this fact, many people do not agree with the existence of feminism itself.

Feminism sometimes forgets about this fact, because they only focus on the equality in certain field, just like education, jobs, or the ownership of a property. They often forget that there are so many things that make women will never be equal with men.

4. More career women means fewer children

If mostly women prioritize career in a company, it will reduce the mount of children in the world. In addition, many children will be not well taken care if their mother must spend almost all of their whole time to work. Therefore, feminism can have negative impacts for children. It can make they have not enough attention from their mother so that they will have a big opportunity to get poor quality in their future life.

Limitation of equality in Feminism

After a long discussion about feminism nowadays, do you ever think that we need to make sure that there must be a limitation in feminism? For me as a human being who was born as a man, I was taught that I absolutely have to respect women no matter what is the reasons. I was taught that I need to protect women because of I have a power to protect them. Moreover, I was taught that there are so many things that women can do which I cannot. Therefore, I absolutely have no problems with the existing of women. Feminism should be pay attention to a man like me.

Besides, in my opinion, feminism nowadays makes me think that I do not have a responsibility to treat a woman as a woman. For example, if I were on a bus or a train, I do not need to give my seat to a woman who was standing up in front of me. In addition, if I saw a woman who need my help to do some heavy lifting, I will not give my help. Why? Is it because of I hate them? It is absolutely not. It because of there is no limitation of the equality which is brought by feminist nowadays.

So, do I agree with feminism? I truly have no problem with the existence of feminism. What I want here is, feminist should make the clearly limitation in feminism. Because I still believe that as a human being, men and women have their own privilege which is given by God.




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